Medical Cannabis Evaluations

To obtain a cannabis card, the patient first needs to receive a diagnosis that qualifies them for medical marijuana. Following are the conditions that usually qualify the patient for medical marijuana treatment. These conditions are listed on Commission’s website.

  • Severe nausea
  • Chronic or acute pain
  • Seizures
  • Chronic or acute muscle spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV/AIDS with severe symptoms
  • Cachexia (a condition that cause severe malnutrition and weight loss)
  • PTSD
  • Any other condition that is serious and for which conventional treatments have proven to be ineffective. If these conditions can be relieved with the use of medical marijuana.

If the patient has anyone of the above-mentioned conditions, he or she must receive copies of their medical records stating their diagnosis as well as detailed evaluation from the doctor. We strongly recommend visiting your primary health care provider if you think you have anyone of these conditions but don’t have any documents to prove it. A brief letter from the patient’s doctor should suffice. The document should state the condition, approximate time since first diagnosis was made, all the treatments carried out and any other relative imagining results that they may have carried out.

While we don’t require patient’s complete medical profile, but we would like to know as much about the medical history as possible. If, however, there is no relation to the symptoms that require medical marijuana treatments then it is not necessary to obtain any paperwork. We would also like to see copies of any related imaging tests (especially for chronic pain patients). Patient can bring copies to our office or send us via regular mail or e-mail.

We would like to clearly state here that we are not a medical marijuana dispensary. We will only evaluate your profile and then write a report to Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission based on our evaluation. It is entirely up to the commission to approve or reject your particular case.

Our registration forms can be obtained in-person from our office or they can be downloaded and printed from our website. Patients can bring their medical reports when they arrive to our office for their appointment. Patient might be required to reschedule if they don’t have their medical records on the day of evaluation or if they have sent the records by mail on the day of appointment.

Once a patient makes an appointment with us, that specific time is booked on the physician’s schedule; therefore, we require an initial deposit. If the patient doesn’t show up on the day of appointment, Reset Now reserves the right to keep the initial deposit. However, if the patient is on time, this initial deposit will be credited to your final bill. You will either receive a recommendation from our provider or you will get your money back.

Reset Now cannot be held responsible for the process through which dispensaries operate or if some product is not available. We are by the book and we follow all the rules and regulations put forth by Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

Download Medical Forms

If you believe that you have a condition that makes you eligible for your state’s marijuana treatment plan and you want to get evaluated for your medical marijuana card, please give us a call. You might be new to medical marijuana or you might be looking to get your old certification renewed, whatever the case we can help you.

Why Reset Now?

It is our mission to make your process as smooth and stress free as possible. We completely understand how complex it can be to integrate medical marijuana into your treatment. Our physicians and professional team will prioritize your needs and we will do our best to get you the approval that you most desperately require. We are a judgement-free space and everyone is treated with respect at Reset Now.

Care, Reliability and Privacy

Care, reliability and privacy are the three pillars of our organization at which we base our operation. We believe in providing the best experience for every person that walks through our doors. We are reliable, and we respect your privacy above all else. We respect the privacy of our patients, who trust us with their personal information. We take patient privacy very seriously.

Trust and Honesty

We fully believe in being honest and forthcoming to all our applicants. We will not give you any false hopes to take your money. Reset Now is totally transparent and we will be straightforward about your options.


We strictly follow all the state guidelines and we try our best to educate you regarding the compliancy.


Privacy of all our patients is utmost important to us and we take every possible measure to protect your privacy.


We sincerely believe that patient education is the most important aspect of any patient’s medical cannabis treatment. We always encourage you to ask as many questions as you want and we also offer free follow ups for all of our patients. Our educational team will do their best to keep you updated during your entire journey.

Experience the difference yourself: contact us now at Reset Now.