Bringing Wholistic & Traditional Medicine together for Complete Health & Wellness Solutions

Reset Now Wellness was founded on the medical expertise of Dr. Cheryl Salary, MD, and the idea that your health relies on more than one narrow branch of medicine alone. Our drive is to help you live a longer and healthier life, and be your happiest and most productive self.

Traditional and alternative medicine both have their unique benefits. Natural therapies, nutrition, detoxes, anti-aging treatments and weight loss programs all benefit your overall wellbeing. There is no one-treatment-that-cures-everything when it comes to your health. So achieving lifelong health and wellbeing is best achieved by combining natural therapies with medical treatments, diet recommendations and lifestyle management.

Together with colleagues in the health and wellness coaching fields, Dr. Salary founded our wellness center to offer personalized detox, anti-aging, weight loss and other health and lifestyle related programs.

Our Services

Medically Directed Treatments

Under the supervision of Dr. Cheryl Salary, we offer advanced medical treatments, incl.: hormonal anti-age management based on lab research, medicinal and supplements-based weight loss programs, detoxification cures, and IV vitamin and nutrient therapy.

Our interdisciplinary approach to anti-aging, weight loss and wellness allows us to customize wholistic programs for our individual clients based on their situation and health goals. By combining hormonal therapy and prescription medications with detox, fitness, supplements and diet recommendations, our clients can achieve results beyond what any one of these treatments could achieve on its own.

Our Products

Natural Cannabidiol (CBD) Supplements

CBD is a natural herbal extract from the hemp plant, with no addictive or psychoactive effects. With the amount of people currently benefiting from this herbal extract, it can no longer be overlooked by medical professionals. For that reason we are now implementing CBD products along other supplements as part of our treatment programs. Both these programs, our own line of CBD products, Serym Pro, and the supplements we recommend, are medically assisted, directed and customized to offer the optimal results.

Our Company

Part of rebuilding Ellicott City, Maryland

Our City has been struck by two national disasters over the last few years, when the area flooded in 2016 and again in 2018. We are excited to offer our modest contribution to rebuilding the industry of the city by offering health and wellness coaching and services from our offices in a historic building just off the main street. Our hope is to help relieve our community with much deserved health and wellness coaching, services and treatments.

Our Foundation

Supporting our community by aiding children and families in need

As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Cheryl Salary has a special devotion to the wellbeing of children and the youth. So in addition to launching Reset Now Wellness, we launched a nonprofit foundation to benefit children. This foundation receives a percentage of our profits in order to aid children and families in need. Our foundation is especially focusing on helping children in Baltimore and surrounding areas affected by hunger and homelessness.