Q.  What are the principle steps to receiving my medical cannabis card?

  • Register with Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Register for a patient account through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commissions website to receive a Patient ID. It could take up to 45 business days to receive the Patient ID. 
  • Then schedule an appointment to receive medical evaluation from licensed medical provider for letter of recommendation. The cost of the card is $50 to be paid to the MMCC at the time of application. The MMCC will make their final approval and send your card after they receive the letter of recommendation from your physician’s office.

Q.  What are the medical conditions that qualify for medical marijuana card (cannabis card)? 

In the state of Maryland, the qualifying conditions to become a medical cannabis patient are:

  • Severe or chronic pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Severe or chronic muscle spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • Cachexia (severe weight loss or malnutrition)
  • HIV/AIDS with debilitating symptoms
  • PTSD
  • Any condition that is severe, for which other medical treatments have been ineffective, and if the symptoms “reasonably can be expected to be relieved” by the medical use of Cannabis.

Q.  Does Reset Now sell medical marijuana?

No, Reset Now is an approved and certified medical marijuana evaluation office. We provide medical cannabis evaluations to new patients and to existing patients in the State of Maryland. In addition, Reset Now offers medical marijuana recommendations and certifications necessary for obtaining a medical marijuana card (cannabis card), in accordance with the regulations of the medical marijuana program established by the state of Maryland.

Q.  How long will the office visit take to obtain my letter of recommendation?

The duration of the office visit will vary slightly but if all documents have been completed and medical records obtained before the visit. The visit is typically 15-30 minutes.

Q.  When will I get my medical marijuana card or cannabis card? Will you, Reset Now, notify me?

It will be the patient’s responsibility to monitor the commission’s website, after they have filled out the necessary info and the letter of recommendation has been uploaded.  The commission will post approval or denials online.  The time between registration completion and approval or denial is controlled by the commission. Questions and or delays should be forwarded to the commission. 

Q.  How will Reset Now maintain patient confidentiality?

Our office has taken steps in accordance with Federal and State laws to protect the confidentiality of our patient’s protected medical information. 

Q.  I am a Veteran, can I get my medical cannabis card?

Veterans can obtain medical cannabis in the same way as other patients. Veterans need to make sure that using medical cannabis will not disqualify them from Veterans Affairs health system. Reset Now is pleased to offer a 10% military discount with proof of service.

Q.  Will my health insurance cover the cost of the visit to obtain my letter of recommendation and medical cannabis evaluation? 

Currently, health insurance companies are not required to cover the cost of medical cannabis. Reset Now does not accept insurance. We will accept payments in cash or credit/debit card.

Q.  What is the residency requirement in Maryland to get my medical cannabis card?

Any resident of Maryland can participate in the program. Any person who is out-of-state and who comes to the state of Maryland for the purpose of receiving medical care can be issued a written certification and obtain medical cannabis. 

Q.  How long is my medical marijuana card valid for?

Your prescription is valid for one year with our office. You will need to return each year for recertification. Your ID card through the MMCC is valid for three years.

Q.  My medical marijuana card is expiring soon or is already expired. What do I do?

When your medical marijuana card expires or prior to expiration you will need to schedule an appointment with our clinic to get a reevaluation and a new letter of recommendation for a new medical marijuana card. You will now be referred to as an existing patient.

Q.  Where can I read the complete list of regulations regarding medical cannabis in Maryland?

There is a link to up to date draft of the regulations on our homepage:

Q.  Where can I obtain medical cannabis?

A Maryland patient can only obtain legal medical cannabis from Maryland-licensed dispensaries. The dispensaries can only obtain their cannabis from Maryland-licensed growers, and their extracts from Maryland-licensed processors. Patients may obtain medical cannabis from states which accept Maryland cannabis cards which includes Washington DC.

Q.  Where can I legally travel with medical cannabis?

A legal patient may travel to any location in the state of Maryland.  Maryland cannot authorize you to travel to other states or countries. Possession of cannabis is against federal law. Maryland residents should be aware that taking cannabis across State lines is a federal offense.  

Q.  How much medical cannabis (dried flower) can a qualifying patient possess at one time?

No more than 120 grams — or approximately four ounces, unless a physician makes a special determination that a patient needs more. This is generally only offered to patients on hospice or with a terminal illness diagnosis.

Q.  Is there a maximum amount of THC in an extract that a patient can get in a month? 

Yes, the max is 36 grams of THC.

Q.  Can patients cultivate their own cannabis? Can a caregiver cultivate cannabis for patients?

No, Maryland law does not permit these activities.

Q.  My child needs medical cannabis. Can he or she get it legally?

Children who meet their physician’s criteria for treatment can become legal patients in Maryland. However, children must have a parent or guardian serve as a caregiver. 

Q.  What occurs if I am stopped by law enforcement?

Patients do not have to disclose that they possess medical cannabis and do not have to consent to a search. However, if a search is conducted and medical cannabis is found, the patient should present their patient ID card or direct law enforcement to the MMCC’s database. 

Q.  I don’t want to smoke cannabis. Will edible medical cannabis products be available in Maryland? 

Medical cannabis will be available in forms which can be vaporized which is not smoking, or as extracts, lotions, ointments, tinctures, etc.  Some extracts can be added to foods at home.  Edible cannabis products will not be available from dispensaries in Maryland. 

Q.  What fees do patients have to pay the Commission to get medical cannabis? 

There are no fees unless a qualifying patient requests an ID card.  Patients do not have to pay the Commission to register. Dispensaries do not have to pay the Commission to check that a patient has been issued a written certification.

Q.  My employer tests for drug use including cannabis. Can they test me if I am a medical cannabis patient? Can they fire me if I use medical cannabis?

Maryland law does not prevent an employer from testing for use of cannabis (for any reason) or taking action against an employee who tests positive for use of cannabis (for any reason).

Q.  I am on probation. Can I get a medical marijuana card?

You are still subject to the regulations of your probation office. Please contact them to discuss your conditions of probation before applying.